Indonesian super Star Fitri Carlina choose Marco Castelli


January 21, 2021

Fitri Carlina Involves Italian Designer for the Latest Clip Costume

Uniquely, in her latest video clip, the costumes worn by Fitri involve an Italian designer, three Indonesian designers, and one make-up artist. In the video clip, a total of 6 costumes were worn by Fitri Carlina.

“One costume for the single ‘Wingi Odading Saiki Semongko’, I especially wore a costume made by a designer who is also a model from Italy named Marco Castelli  Also, there are three Indonesian designers and a special make-up artist for this clip,” said Fitri Carlina when contacted. NAGASWARA News, Tuesday (05/01/2021).

The meeting between Fitri Carlina and Marco Castelli began when Fitri ordered a mask from the young designer. They communicated, and Fitri said that she would make a video clip for her newest single.

Tit for tat, Marco Castell  offers his homemade costume for Fitri’s latest video clip. Apart from Marco Castelli, Fitri also wore the costumes of three Indonesian designers.

For the glamorous and ethnic costumes, the singer of “ABG Tua” wore a design belonging to the Afkar Wedding Gallery. For the other two costumes, Fitri wore costumes by Klementine and Faddat Official.

“I made a special costume design for the clip ‘Wingi Odading Saiki Semongko’ by Marco Castelli  I hope my new video clip will be promoted by Marco in Italy. On the other hand, I’m also promoting his design here. he played, “closed Fit car.

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