Voices of fashion interview with Marco Castelli

Voices of fashion interview with Marco Castelli

Rebirth. Marco’s project supports the association “Amici per il Centrafrica Carla Maria Pagani [Friends for Central Africa],” the secular NGO that works in the Central African Republic to bring medical help and to support the education of the local...

bicolor t-shirt

Marco Castelli Collection Introducing Bicolor t-shirt featuring during a shooting for editorial with Photographer Davide Nicoletti in Milan Model Handers Gold, modeling Agency tigers by matt Hong Kong 

Bicolor made in italy Marco castelli collection

  Marco Castelli has idealized the Bicolor coat  with very precious materials and with a careful measure on the details. Strengths of Bicolor coat are the handcrafted care, fabrics and style. Handcrafted care:  each piece is dedicated an exclusive...