All handmade, a couple at a time, by a craftsman from the Marche region.  By Zoe Magazine 


October 29, 2022

The Marco Castelli footwear collection involves the creation of an innovative shoe, which represents a trait d’union between formal classic footwear and the world of contemporary sneakers.

Its peculiarity is that it is equipped with a leather box bottom with rubber injections and an upper in a laced or slip-on version. And then a reclining heel, an elastic inside and the use of special materials (tumbled calfskin, smooth leather, suede) in one or two-tone variants and with the Marco Castelli logo sewn on it, in contrast or tone-on-tone.

Art director Maria Gentile
Phorographer Giorgia Rachel Donnan
Post production & assistant Tommaso Santandrea

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Marco Castelli

Marco Castelli

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