Marco Castelli, our designer, at 80th VENICE FILM FESTIVAL


September 29, 2023

Marco Castelli, our young creator, partecipate at VENICE FILM FESTIVAL 2023, showing off on the red carpet a suit of our collection and our footwear. The look chosen for the occasion definitely didn’t go unnoticed: so much so that a famous Japanese recorder asked Marco where he could find the sneakers he was wearing. This is clearly a major consideration, being the first participation of the creator at Festival.

The suit chosen was our sartorial black thunder in cool wool by Loro Piana with the distinctive details of the lighting on double-breasted. The footwear chosen were the Axel sneaker in black and white grain leather, icon product of our collection. A refined and elegant look which absolutely matches perfectly with the red carpet, where, in the last years, marched the most famous celebrities, as Patrick Dempsey and Jonny Depp. An outfit with a sartorial style but at the same time following an original line characterised by the jacket’s cut, which underlines the refinement of the model. A look that has aroused amazing success even on social media, with a great engagement rating.

Marco had the pleasure and the honour to sharing this wonderful moment with the beautiful model Madga Swider his friend since many years, who wearing a stunning light blue dress. A unique experience for the designer and fashion model, who was pleasantly surprised by the praise and the acclaim for his outfit.

To not be forgotten the reason for this edition of the film festival: The Green Border, the new movie directed by polish producer Agnieska Holland. The film describes about the tragedy of migrants from Middle East and Africa, who trying to reach the European Union through the border between Belarus and Poland; a theme that unfortunately still exists today, where the human rights are trampled underfoot. The dramatic movie recount the exodus of a family from Syria and other refugees travelling with them, revealing the brutality of the Border Police and the army. The heartbreaking story transmits the cold of the places and the acid taste of the swamps in which the migrants die drowned. It is not a simply movie, but it is chronicle that tells what happens on the border.



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