March 6, 2023

Reference: REGIA MAG

Our designer Marco Castelli, ambassador of Amici per il Centrafrica ODV, has decided to touch the reality of the Central African Republic first-hand, and through social media he recounts his missionary activity: an intense experience in the last country for the Human Development Index (ISU), where the aftermath of the civil war has left strong political instability and widespread poverty.

In these days, together with the president Pierpaolo Grisetti, he is viewing the projects active in the area: health projects, education and social cohesion between Christians and Muslims, together with the «School of Crafts» project.

It is in this last project that, given his creative nature, Marco would like to introduce new ideas for concrete development in the field of fashion, so that students can in turn become designers by developing their own potential.

Among the trips of these days, Castelli has witnessed the existing projects of the ACA association and has had the opportunity to talk to children of all ages, to tell his story and to motivate young people to believe in their dreams; he also had the pleasure of meeting Cardinal Diodonné Nzapalainga, who has supported the association for several years and who has always vigorously and courageously defended peace and cooperation between religions, even risking his life during the rebel invasion protecting Muslims.

A trip to the Pygmy forest is planned for these days, where the association has built a school and a dispensary where two health assistants work. 

The missionaries of Amici per il Centrafrica live in the volunteer house built in 2001 by Carla Pagani together with the congregations, where inside there is the residence together with the schools that children from 2 to 22 years of age attend; inside is the dispensary open from Monday to Friday with the Optical Centre, General Medicine and the Dentistry Centre.

A beautiful reality built with love and passion thanks to various loans. Cristina Ceresoli as vice president, Francesca Bandirali, Giuliano Emiliani, Mario Borella, Jeff Kodjo Amegnran as country manager and Federica Farolfi as head of health activities are also participating in this mission



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