Covid-19, you can bend us but you can’t break us


March 21, 2020

RINASCITA by Marco Castelli

Marco Castelli has decided to launch this campaign because he strongly believes in the rebirth of our world. In fact, in the painting he decided not only to use a bicolor asymmetrical turtleneck but also a mask with the symbol of acacia.

Feb 2020 Milan

Acacia represent wisdom and renaissance. The hardness and resistance of this wood give it a sign of strength and perennity Which translate into the concept of the victory of life over death. In ancient times it was considered the symbol of the link between the visible and the invisible. In Egyptian culture it was the initiatory tree that symbolizes the passage from ignorance to knowledge. Some Egyptian texts tell of the birth of gods under an acacia.

Art director: Marco Castelli

Painted by Salvatore Tondo



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